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West Midlands Barbershop Harmony Club


Improve Your Singing.

At the West Midlands Barbershop Harmony Club we run courses dedicated to good singing practices. We run these courses for the benefit of the individual where he/she can learn to improve their singing experience. On joining a singing course you will be sure of a warm welcome and have a wonderful feeling of camaraderie. We use some of the UK's best vocal coaches and they will explain ways to improve your voice and singing range. These courses are totally free. Why do we run them then? I hear you ask. Well it is one way where we hope find recruitment, although no-one who attends our courses is obliged to become part of our community - we just hope you will, So click on the heading for this paragraph or follow this link to find out more

The Rudiments of Music Theory.

As well as the singing courses there is an excellent external music tutorial which you can follow by clicking either on the heading for this chapter or use  this link. This is an on line set of tutorials where you can learn music theory. You can complete each of the tutorials at your pace and leisure. Note that using these tutorials will take you to another site away from this one and you will either have to use the 'Back' tab in your browser, or return to us by using the same URL that you used to get here.