Anvil Bronze Medal

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1988 Convention, Harrogate

In 1988, Anvil Chorus achieved the bronze medal and were awarded the Wearside Trophy for third placed chorus at this convention (our highest placing so far)

On the third row, number 5 is Louis Radford according to Rick Scott. Simon Hilton and Peter Hughes also think his name is Louis. However, Dale Kynaston insists that it is Mark Lloyd as he was Dale’s best man and claims he should know! 

Anvil Chorus, 1988

Back row: 1.Ray Sands, 2.Keith Williams, 3.Harry Hemus, 4.Geoff Robinson, 5.Roy Hodge, 6.Dennis Hodgetts, 7.Wally Marsden, 8.John Riseborough, 9.Rick Scott, 10.John Baker, 11.Stan Cox, 12.Alan Hemus
Third row: 1.Horace Broughton, 2.Les Cannell, 3.Henry Foster, 4.Simon Hilton, 5.Louis Radford, 6.Fred Price, 7.Sam Foulkes, 8.Richard Hartnell, 9.Stan Maude, 10.Tom Quinn, 11.Gerry Wrexham
Second row: 1.Tom Rushton, 2.Joe Riseborough, 3.Dave Boxold, 4.Frank Mason, 5.Noel Whinyates, 6.Dale Kynaston, 7.Colin Shelton, 8.John Pearson, 9.John Winterbottom, 10.Jim Swallow, 11.John Carter
Front row: 1.Gerry Parker, 2.John Ellis, 3.Peter Hughes, 4.Colin Williams, 5.Phil Hilton, 6.Ray McCarthy, 7.Archie Hill, 8.Don Melbourne, 9.Arthur Palfrey
Director: Rod Butcher (total on stage: 44)

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