Hall of Memory

Learn a little about members no longer with us who made a contribution to our club and hobby.


LACY KYLE 1961 – 2021

Lacy who had been a member of Anvil Chorus for a little under twenty years, sadly died on 18 April 2021 and since then huge volumes of tributes have been received by the Club and its members from around the UK and beyond, all of which reflect on his amazing rich resonant Bass voice which was so good that any chorus would have been proud to have him amongst its members.

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John Simcox 1948 – 2021

John Simcox

The Members of Anvil Chorus are saddened to announce the death of John Simcox [ who never used his first two names with us ] from Covid-19 on 1st March 2021 having been a major contributor to the development of the Club during his time as a Member.

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Jim Cook               1946 – 2020

Jim Cook sadly died following over a year of ill-health. Jim joined the Barbershop community in 2005 with Vale Harmony followed by joint membership of that Chorus with Anvil from 2010. Without exception, glowing tributes from both present and past members were received to acknowledge the very considerable contributions which he made to our hobby.

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Ken Carter             1935 – 2014

Ken carter joined Anvil some time before myself so not sure exactly when. He followed his Brother John into the chorus and of course both were direct relatives of Howard Carter, the famous discoverer of Tutankhamen’s tomb. Like his brother Ken was a bass, but I think it is fair to say that Ken’s more important contribution to the chorus was his administrative role.

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Chris Cherry             1935 – 2014

Chris was a member of the West Midlands Barbershop Harmony Club between 1993 and 2006 having joined following his attendance at a show held in Sutton Coldfield Town Hall, where his daughter was singing in a children’s choir on the same bill as Anvil Chorus.

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Ivor Williams             1935 – 2014

Ivor joined Anvil Chorus in 2011 from a Learn to Sing course and although a late convert to our craft, rapidly became a valued and proud participant, while his partner Lillian became one of our most avid followers.

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John Ellis

John was one of the longest serving members of the Club having joined in 1980 arising from an approach by a long-standing friend of the family who happened to be the Club Chairman at that time – Geoff Robinson.

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John (SOB) Baker

“It was usually on the last Thursday of each month; my front door bell would ring and on answering it, I would find John Baker. Having wished me “Good Evening” and passed through to the lounge and given my wife a hug, he would ask if we had the kettle on. He would then make some comment about our sugar spoon being the only spoon we had in the house.
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Colin Williams  –  1951  TO   2011

Colin Williams was a Member of Anvil Chorus for almost 25 years. He originally sang lead and for about three years sang with the Grand Central Chorus. Colin was also a Founder Member of Gentlemen Songsters and made regular trips to South Wales to sing in recent years with Synergy. In later years he ‘graduated’ to sing tenor in a very strong section of our Chorus.
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Geoff Robinson.

Geoff was one of the Founder Members of the West Midlands Barbershop Harmony Club and as it established itself he became the first Chairman. An accomplished musician who not only sang but played piano and violin, Geoff was for most of his time in the Chorus singing Baritone and for many years was the Section Leader.

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Gil Ryder

Gil Ryder  was a member of the Chorus for about ten years and was a regular attender with his close friend Ron Young during that time, both of them singing bass. Both of their wives were involved in Barbershop singing too and indeed Olive Ryder still takes to the risers with Second City Sound.

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Stan Cox

Stan was a long-standing member of the bass section of Anvil Chorus, joining in the early 1980’s having been introduced by Geoff Robinson with whom he shared another hobby as co-members of the West Bromwich Mountaineering Club.

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John Carter

John Carter joined the Chorus singing bass, following his initial approach to obtain music to use in his local church. His introduction to the Chorus and Barbershop singing in general led to many years of contributions to our hobby in a variety of ways both within our club and to later the British Association of Barbershop Singers.  Not long after joining the Chorus his son Jonathan also became a member, also singing the bass part alongside his dad.
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