During one early rehearsal Rod Butcher asked for a copy of the sheet music and Ivor obliged. Rod isn’t often lost for words but Ivor’s habit of tippexing out all parts except his Bass line rendered even Rod speechless and gave us an inkling of the character that was our Ivor.

In his younger days Ivor was well known in the area as a singer with local dance bands, earning himself the nick name ‘Matt Monro of the Midlands’ and eventually, due to popular demand, recording a CD for his fans to remember him by.

Ivor often said that Barbershop had given him a new lease of singing life and he just loved being with us on the risers and, ever the performer, particularly enjoyed our public appearances and relished the challenge of Convention, so it’s fitting that the picture is of him enjoying the Sweet Pea experience at Harrogate this year.

Sadly, just a few short months later Ivor passed away having fought a difficult battle with Lung and Liver Cancer.

Ivor was a keen follower of the modern jazz scene and recently, having just listened to Randy Chisholm of Marquis sing ‘I Will Never Pass This Way Again’ said ” Sitting with my mouth wide open, goosebumps on goosebumps and yes, a little tear, I’ve just witnessed a one off. What a sad loss to music. Thanks for giving me the opportunity of hearing something so beautiful.”

Ivor, you made us laugh, cry and sometimes grit our teeth, but you were always a treasure, Rest in Peace.

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