Ken Carter

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Ken carter joined Anvil some time before myself so not sure exactly when. He had a great love of fun as can be seen from his avatar on the left – taken from a photograph at the 2002 carnival in Cologne. He followed his Brother John into the chorus and of course both were direct relatives of Howard Carter, the famous discoverer of Tutankhamen’s tomb.
Like his brother Ken was a bass, but I think it is fair to say that Ken’s more important contribution to the chorus was his administrative role. He was a tireless worker on behalf of the chorus and became treasurer and held the post for a number of years. For many years Ken and his brother also ran the BABS shop at prelims and convention, selling tapes and CDs of the various quartets and choruses both local and international.

Ken was a true barber shopper in the sense that he was totally reliable, unselfish and a very good friend to many of us. He was a very intelligent and knowledgeable man and at work ran the Peugeot chemi lab at Coventry.

He was the main force behind the introduction of our annual Valentine’s day quartet presentations. Receiving all telephone requests, organising the cards and gifts to be presented, the routs to be traveled and the sequence of performances. Quite a complex task that he managed on his own without complaint. He also did much of the driving and acting as ‘minder’ to the quartets.

Once Anvil introduced the PD system of assessing members performances, Ken had problems getting through the various criteria and eventually left us and joined Coventry Three Spires as a tenor.
But he will always be remembers by many of us as the generous fun loving guy he was. Always having a funny incident to relate.

The best story I recall was when he and his brother John were invited down to London by the BBC for something that was being put on to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Howard Carters death. When asked by a member of the BBC “What will you be doing to celebrate the occasion” The answer that came back from brother John was “We are going to dig him up,—– and see how he likes it”

RIP Ken, you are still very much missed.

Eulogy by George Badland