Geoff Robinson

Those who knew Geoff at that time will recall him putting the Section through its paces with concentration on accurate singing, doubtless due to the fact that he had perfect pitch !  He also used a technique of having the singers rehearse in pairs or threes whilst others watched and listened.

Quite apart from singing Baritone, he moved in later years to sing Bass and also at times acted as a ‘roving’ Section Leader coaching the Leads too. Occasionally he was ‘out front’ when the Director was away or delayed in attending. Geoff was a proud member of the 1988 Bronze Medal winning Chorus in Harrogate.

Professionally Geoff was a Teacher of Mathematics and later Deputy Head Teacher at Menzies High School which is where the Chorus first formed. He also became a School Governor of our current rehearsal venue, Grove Vale School in Great Barr.

Geoff recruited many singers into our hobby, including John Ellis in the early days, along with several other members with whom he came into contact through his membership of the West Bromwich Mountaineering Club, indeed the Chorus still has members who share that hobby.

Geoff was in so many ways therefore a major contributor to both the initial establishment of the Chorus and its further development over two decades.

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